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Aussie app promotes local Windows Phone downloads

A new Aussie Windows Phone app aims to make finding other Aussie-developed WP7 apps much easier.

As the Windows Phone Marketplace increases in size, the need for a better search filter becomes more apparent, especially with regards to finding local content. Some Aussie developers and fans of the platform have banded together to address this very issue, and have created an app that serves up tools and games developed locally.


Developed Down Under is designed around Microsoft's Metro UI ethos, so it looks and feels a lot like the WP Marketplace itself. The app points to downloads across a range of genres, and each is surprisingly well filled out, given how new the app is to the Marketplace.

We did find that the app was difficult to dig up using the Marketplace search, so, if you have a Windows Phone, open this article through your browser and follow this link.

Also, if you're an Aussie developer who would like to have their app showcased in Developed Down Under, you have to opt in to be included. Full details about how you can do that are available at