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As Google Stadia debut nears, Nvidia updates search in GeForce Now

The once-promising but as-yet-unlaunched service is rapidly falling behind.


Nvidia's new look resembles Steam's new Library design in that it mingles your current games with ones you might want to add.


Nvidia is moving slowly with its GeForce Now cloud-gaming service at a time when it really can't afford to do so. On Thursday, the company announced a new look (more information!) and an updated search engine for its still-in-limited-beta service, following up its August announcement of an upcoming Android app. But it's still without a price or launch date at an increasingly crowded starting line to earn your subscription-gaming bucks, currently dominated by Google Stadia and Apple Arcade (as well as entrenched competitors such as PlayStation Now).

GeForce Now most closely resembles Stadia, in that it's strictly a platform for playing games that you already own, but rendered in the cloud and streamed to your local device. Unlike GeForce Now, Stadia will at least offer monthly freebies, as well as ways to buy games, though on the flip side you don't have to buy a new version of games you own to run on GFN like you will on Stadia. (That presents a different set of problems, though.)

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