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'Are My Sites Up?' keeps an eye on uptime

Check to see if various sites are up (yours or someone else's) with this free Web tool, which checks up to 50 URLs every 15 minutes, and sends you an e-mail when something goes wrong.

Are My Sites Up is a free service that monitors Web sites to see if everything is up and running. You simply plug in the URLs of whatever sites you want to keep an eye on (they don't even have to be yours), and it will send you an alert if it notices one is down.

It does this by visiting each page on your list--up to 50 per user--every 15 minutes. If it can't load the page, you get an e-mail. You can also plug in your mobile phone number to get an SMS alert.

I very much like the idea, since you just set it and forget it. It's a nice complement to which does the same check, but for the people unsuccessfully attempting to visit your site who believe their local undersea cable may have been cut again.

(via Delicious)

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