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Apple update lets you use iPad as a second screen

Through the Sidecar app, you can use the iPad as an external monitor for your Mac.


Apple's Sidecar app for MacOS Catalina lets you use your iPad as a second screen.


Apple unveiled plenty of new features for the iPad on Monday at its WWDC 2019 confab for developers -- including one that works hand-in-hand with Macs. 

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"Sidecar" lets an iPad work as an external monitor for Macs running MacOS Catalina. 

Though this feature has been available from third-party apps for some time, Sidecar comes directly from Apple in its latest operating system. The iPad will be able to connect to the Mac both wirelessly and with a cable, and Sidecar offers Apple Pencil support. 

The news comes as software and services are taking on even greater importance for Apple. The company still sells millions of iPhones every quarter, but sales aren't soaring like they used to. 

People are holding onto their phones longer, which makes it important to give them services that get them paying monthly. Apple has made augmented reality, mobile payments, streaming music and other areas key focuses over the past couple of years.  

This is a developing story. Follow our WWDC liveblog, and see all of today's Apple news.

CNET's Shara Tibken contributed to this story.

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