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Apple looking into iOS glitch that clobbers iPad Pro tablets

The latest version of iOS isn't playing nicely with some 9.7-inch iPad Pro units.


Apple is trying to figure out why some 9.7-inch iPad Pro units are reacting poorly to the latest iOS update.


Apple is investigating yet another iOS update bug, one that has impacted 9.7-inch iPad Pro devices.

On Monday, Apple pushed out version 9.3.2 of its iOS mobile operating system. Not long after, people started posting messages on online support forums complaining that the update bricked their 9.7-inch iPad Pro tablets. This means the device locks up after the update's installation and then won't restart.

Many say they received an "Error 56" message, which instructs them to plug their device into iTunes. But that seems to do nothing to resolve the glitch.

Apple confirmed its probe of the problem through this statement sent Wednesday to CNET:

We're looking into a small number of reports that some iPad units are receiving an error when updating the software. Those unable to restore their device through iTunes should contact Apple support.

Apple conducts internal tests of each new flavor of its mobile operating system. iOS developers also contribute by checking out each beta edition. But bugs may still creep up once the final product is downloaded by millions of people. iOS 9.3 has been especially troublesome. Apple has run into several glitches with it, forcing the company to respond with one bug-fixing update after another.

The current snafu seems to affect only the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, launched in March as the latest member of the iPad family. Why the problem appears to impact only the smaller and newer iPad Pro and not older iPads or other iOS devices is unknown.

Until Apple can resolve the problem, users can try restoring their iPad Pro by following the steps in this Apple support document. If that doesn't work, it's time to call Apple Support or head over to your local Apple retail store.

(Via iMore)