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Apple Design Awards go to Lara Croft Go and an anatomy app

At WWDC, Apple has announced its Design Awards, going to 12 apps that it believes represent the best the iTunes store has to offer.

Square Enix

Another round of apps and games has been honoured at WWDC with the annual Design Awards, scooping up trophies for the best design and ingenuity present in Apple's app store.

It's the 19th year the awards have been up for grabs, and the light-up cube trophy has gone to some quiet achievers. Medical education app Complete Anatomy was awarded for its excellent performance and attention to detail, while writing app Ulysses got a prize for its seamless UI and ability to smoothly switch between devices.

Games this year that got the prize all fit the slick and simple mould that Apple seems to value highly. They included Tomb Raider-themed puzzle game Lara Croft Go and one-touch colour-based runner Chameleon Run.

The student winners this year were Joaquin Vila with minimalist puzzle game Linum, and Josh Deichmann, Patrick Pistor and Erik Lydick with 2D arcade game Dividr.

You can find the full list of winners after the jump below, with links to their iTunes App Store pages, and you can find the rest of our WWDC coverage here.

Complete Anatomy (Free)

Complete Anatomy is a tool for teaching the anatomy of the human body, and includes interactive 3D models, animations and lectures.

Streaks ($3.99 | AU$5.99 | £2.99)
Zervass Enterprises
iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple Watch

This simple to-do list allows you to track up to six tasks every day in order to build up a streak of healthy habits.

Zova -- Personal Trainer (Free)
iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple Watch

A personal fitness app with a range of workouts to suit every level, allowing you to set your own goals with tutorials from expert trainers. (Free)
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch is compatible with Final Cut Pro and includes a range of features that simplifies and streamlines the process of video collaboration.

Ulysses ($44.99 | AU$69.99 | £34.99)
The Soulmen

This software is for the writer, whether it's novels, theses, blogging or fanfic, and comes with a suite of tools that is aimed at making your writing easier.

Chameleon Run ($1.99 | AU$2.99 | £1.49)
Noodlecake Studios
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

A beautifully designed twist on the autorunner, Chameleon Run sees you needing to change colours to match the platforms you're jumping on.

Lara Croft Go ($4.99 | $7.99 | £3.99)
Square Enix
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Lara Croft Go sees you navigating puzzles to reach the treasure, carefully conserving your moves to deal with hazards on the gameboard in an incredibly cleverly designed experience.

Inks ($1.99 | AU$2.99 | £1.49)
State of Play Games
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

From the developer behind lovingly handcrafted game Lumino City comes Inks, a pinball game that sees you carefully aiming your ball to splash the board with coloured inks.

Auxy Music Creation (Free)

With simple-to-use Auxy, anyone can muck around with their iPad to create music.

djay Pro ($19.99 | AU$30.99 | £14.99)

This is the second Apple Design Award for DJ toolkit djay Pro, which puts a virtual deck at your fingertips.

Linum (Free)
Joaquin Vila
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

By moving lines between nodes, you have to use as few moves as possible to reach the goal in this minimalist puzzler.

Dividr (Free)
Josh Deichmann, Patrick Pistor and Erik Lydick
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Simple puzzle game Dividr sees you controlling the size of blocks on the screen to avoid obstacles.