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Another day, another board ex-Yahoo CEO Thompson leaves

The former Yahoo chief executive has been ousted from Splunk's board after it was revealed that he doesn't actually have a computer science degree.

Former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson.
Former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson. PayPal

Former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson has left another board of directors seat.

Splunk, a provider of real-time operational intelligence software, announced today that Thompson has resigned from his post as director on the company's board. Splunk chairman and CEO Godfrey Sullivan thanked Thompson for his "contributions to the company."

Thompson's Splunk resignation, which was effective May 18, came the same day F5 Networks announced that Thompson had also left its board.

Although neither company said why Thompson was leaving, it likely was due to the recent revelation that Thompson's resume incorrectly indicated that he had earned computer science and accounting degrees from Stonehill College. Thompson earned only an accounting degree from the college.

Since his departure from Yahoo, the online company has made Ross Levinsohn its interim CEO.