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Angry Birds app infiltrated by Bad Piggies

Not content with their own game, those Bad Piggies have taken over their own levels in the original Angry Birds game.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Watch out Angry Birds. Those Bad Piggies are hogging in on your territory.

Yesterday's update to the one and only original Angry Birds game for iOS and Android finds the piggies snorting it up in 15 of their own "pig-themed" levels.

Borrowing from the Bad Piggies game released a couple of weeks ago, the new levels prompt you to build various contraptions to coax the pigs along from start to finish.

The game's Surf and Turf level has also been spruced up with 15 new levels, each with the usual arsenal of sling scopes, king slings, and super seeds to give you a helping hand.

The update is free for existing Angry Birds owners. People new to the game can download it from the App Store for 99 cents or from Google Play for free. The Angry Birds HD edition at the App Store doesn't yet offer the new levels, but hopefully that version will get updated as well.

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