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AMD deal brings 500,000 Android apps to Windows 8

A deal between AMD and Bluestacks will bring half a million Android apps to Microsoft's OS.

There's now half a million more reasons to look forward to Windows 8 -- because that's how many Android apps will run on Microsoft's new operating system when it launches, the BBC reports.

A deal between AMD and software company Bluestacks will bring the 500,000 Android apps to Windows 8 via AMD's AppZone player. Bluestacks' code helps optimise them for Windows 8 desktop PCs, laptops and tablets.

The sheer number of apps should boost interest in Windows 8. Reportedly it'll launch with only a few thousand created specifically for it, so this should be a real boon.

"But hang on," you might be saying, "how's a mobile app going to look on my desktop? I'll need a magnifying glass to see what's going on." Well AMD has tweaked the core code in its processors and graphics cards to make sure apps built for mobile phones look decent on the big screen.

"This helps AMD leapfrog Intel by making Windows 8 more attractive on their tablets and PCs," Bluestacks CEO Rosen Sharma told Wired. "We've worked closely together to optimise the performance of the apps for AMD's unique 'graphics and computing on one chip' setup. The result is awesome -- mobile apps run beautifully on their machines."

And good news if you've got an AMD-powered Windows 7 machine -- you can start downloading Android apps right now, provided you can get the AppZone player. It'll come preinstalled on future AMD Windows 8 computers.

AppZone will also let you sync apps between your desktop and mobile. So if you're playing Fruit Ninja on your PC when you're supposed to be working, and have to nip out, you can carry on where you left off on the bus using your phone. Vital.

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