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Amazon Echo Spot coming to the UK on 24 January

Amazon's compact Echo will be available later this month.


Alexa, show me the time.

Ry Crist/CNET

Amazon's most compact Echo is about to land in the UK.

The Amazon Echo Spot was released in the US last year. It's a smart speaker that adds a screen to Alexa's growing list of skills and functions as a smaller and more spherical alternative to the Echo Show. The Spot is available in black and white for £120. If you buy two, you'll save £40.

CNET reviewer Ry Crist praised the Spot's good looks and speedy responses but cautioned that its screen doesn't add as much functionality as you might expect. And while the built-in camera can be disabled, he noted that some might find it too off-putting to leave on a bedside table. 

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Alexa is already available in the UK on the Amazon Echo speaker, having arrived in 2016 with a few peculiarly British quirks.

The Spot begins shipping on 24 January.