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Use Sideplayer for Chrome to watch YouTube videos in an overlay

Want to watch videos without switching tabs in your browser? Sideplayer will help you get distracted by cat videos (or whatever else) on the same screen.

If you're using a single monitor, the Sideplayer extension for Chrome lets you continue working or surfing while watching your favorite YouTube videos. And if you have multiple monitors, this extension will allow you to continue using them for something other than a dedicated video screen.

  • Grab a copy of Sideplayer on the Google Web Store.
  • You will need to completely exit Chrome in order to activate the new extension.
  • This means exiting any Chrome apps, like Hangouts, that are running in your system tray.
Nicole Cozma/CNET
  • To use Sideplayer: Head to any YouTube video and click the new button that appears with the player controls labeled Play in Sideplayer. You can also click the extension button and paste a YouTube URL.
Sideplayer floats above the current webpage. Nicole Cozma/CNET

Once the video player loads, you can drag it to the desired position, and resize it by clicking and dragging on the corners. Thankfully, the original ratio is maintained when resizing, and your positioning will be saved for the next video you click.

This extension is also useful if you have a music playlist on YouTube, but don't want to keep flipping back to the tab to play, pause, or skip ahead.

(Via Ghacks)