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Search for events, people and locations in Windows 10 Calendar app

Calendar lets you search for names, locations, and anything included in an event. Plus, the renamed Microsoft Defender expands to other platforms.


Search works in Windows 10 Calendar app.


Google's Calendar offers crazy powerful search, letting you find names, locations and events you've added to your calendar events. Now, in the Calendar app on Windows 10 ($160 at Amazon), you can now perform similar searches and hunt for events, names, locations and more.

You can search through old and upcoming events by name, location and words that are part of the event. The Microsoft Calendar app will highlight events that match your search and dim ones that don't. Searching on works the same way.

Microsoft Defender expands beyond Windows

You may have missed this -- I did -- but Microsoft changed the name of Windows Defender to Microsoft Defender in March. Microsoft said it renamed the antivirus and security tool to better reflect its expanded role in protecting platforms beyond Windows.

For example, Microsoft now lets you use Microsoft Defender with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers via extensions. And the tech giant is testing a preview of Microsoft Defender on MacOS. If you missed the signup for to run the MacOS version Microsoft Defender, the company said it will soon open up the preview to more users.

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