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Get Facebook's Chat Heads in Chrome with

This Chrome extension lets you read and reply to Facebook messages without leaving your current page.

Facebook's Chat Heads let you read and reply to messages when using its mobile app without leaving your news feed or whatever it is you happen to be doing in Facebook when a message arrives. Now, a Chrome extension called (not be be confused with fascism) brings Facebook's chat heads to the desktop.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

With installed, when you get a Facebook message, a Chat Head pops up along the right edge of the page you are viewing in Chrome. Just as with Facebook's mobile app, the Chat Head features your friend's Facebook profile picture. Mouse over the Chat Head and a small window appears to the left with the sender's username and the text of his or her most recent message.

Unlike chat heads in Facebook's mobile app that open a drop-down window, clicking on's chat heads in Chrome opens up a separate window with the message. From this window, you can access all of your Facebook messages. You can also open this Facebook messenger window by clicking the button that the extension installs to the right of Chrome's URL bar.'s Chat Heads remain visible on any new tabs that you open in Chrome. They feature a small X at roughly 2 o'clock on the dial that you can click to close them, saving you from having to drag them to the bottom of your screen as you do with Chat Heads in the Facebook mobile app. is a useful extension for getting in and out of Facebook messages without leaving your current tab and heading to Facebook proper, where all manner of distraction exists.

(Via AddictiveTips)