Your Amazon Echo knows who's talking to it, and answers just for them. Here's how

Alexa now even knows how to talk to your kids.

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Voice profiles make your Alexa experience much better.

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You've got an Amazon Echo, but if you haven't set up voice profiles for everyone in your house, you're missing out on personalized Alexa responses. When correctly set up, Alexa can distinguish between voices and can make calls from your contact list, play your favorite music and read your emails -- and only yours.

Alexa will soon also be able to detect when a child is speaking and switch to what Amazon calls Kids Mode. You'll have to set up your child's voice profile, and once it's available, Alexa will provide kid-friendly responses, music, games and Alexa skills. Amazon says this feature will be available in the coming months.

To create a voice profile on your Amazon Echo, open the Alexa app menu and tap Settings. Then select Recognized Voices, tap Create Voice Profile and select Continue. You'll then be prompted to read the on-screen phrases aloud. If you have multiple people in your house who'd like to set up voice profiles, they'll need to download the Alexa app on their phones , sign in to the Amazon account registered to the Echo device, enter their name and follow the same instructions.

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You can make sure your voice profiles have been correctly set up by asking, "Alexa, who am I?" Alexa will then say, "I'm talking to [name], this is [account owner's] account." 

If you need to delete a voice profile -- maybe Alexa is having trouble recognizing you -- just open the Alexa app menu and tap Settings > Your Profile > Manage Voice > Delete voice profile and confirm by tapping Delete.

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