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Vodafone is kidding -- right?

Vodafone's chief Arun Sarin called the iPhone "a pretty poor experience." Don Reisinger calls Sarin a clown.

Vodafone chief Arun Sarin called the iPhone "a pretty poor experience" in a recent interview. And while I have to do everything I can not to laugh, I can't help but think this comment is the byproduct of one thing -- jealousy.

If you've been following overseas iPhone carrier news, you probably know that Vodafone wanted to be the exclusive iPhone carrier in the UK and its German unit is currently in a courtroom battle with rival T-Mobile and has actually convinced a judge to ban the sale of iPhones because it's 'unfair.'

What a clown. Sarin wants us to actually believe that the iPhone is a "poor experience" just because his company isn't carrying it. Is it just me or does this sound like a fifth-grade recess discussion between two children who are debating whether or not lunch was really that good.

Nice one, Sarin. Not only do you sound petty, you make your company look even worse.

Let's look at the facts before we called the iPhone "a pretty poor experience". Shall we?

By and large, the iPhone is a great experience. And while the novelty will eventually wear off, there's nothing quite like using this device for the first time. Does it mean that nothing will come out to supplant it as the best phone on the market? Of course not. But insofar as I can estimate, there's nothing remotely close to providing the same experience.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that the iPhone will be the most sought after and best device in the cell phone market for the foreseeable future. Now, that doesn't mean that it will last forever, but rest assured, Sarin is sadly mistaken if he believes what he said.

Jealousy has no place in tech. Bring it to recess if you want to act that way, Sarin.