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Vizio, OnLive may be prepping video-streaming services

Netflix's streaming service has proved quite popular. At least two more companies could be getting into that market, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Netflix's streaming service is being targeted in a big way.
Netflix's streaming service is being targeted in a big way, according to a new report.

Netflix might soon have more company in the video-streaming space.

According to The Wall Street Journal, HDTV maker Vizio and video game delivery company OnLive are planning their own streaming services to compete with Netflix's offering.

The publication is reporting that Vizio has "expressed interest" in providing consumers with video content via a subscription service like Netflix's option. The publication cited "people familiar with the talks," but was unable to get Vizio to confirm the report.

OnLive is planning to allow users to access movies starting "next year through a subscription service and other pricing schemes," according to the Journal. The publication did not provide any further details on the subscription service or how the other pricing schemes would work.

However, the news that both OnLive and Vizio might offer their own streaming services to compete with Netflix is rather unexpected.

For one, OnLive is a video game company, delivering titles to players on their computers or through the company's new MicroConsole. Vizio is another interesting case. Although a streaming service might help to bolster the viability of its sets, the company already bundles video-streaming apps in its line of televisions. And one of those apps is Netflix.

Either way, it's clear now that Netflix has a big target on its back. Aside from OnLive and Vizio, reports have been swirling since the summer that Amazon is prepping an option to compete with Netflix's service. Last week, Reuters reported that Microsoft is planning a subscription-based entertainment service of its own for Xbox Live customers.

Vizio declined to comment. OnLive did not immediately respond to a request for comment.