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Verizon lining up iPhone 4 discount?

The iPhone 4 could be one of many devices going on sale at Verizon, according to a blog that tracks the carrier. The Apple device reportedly would be priced at $150.99.

Will Verizon discount the iPhone 4?

Verizon Wireless might be planning to offer a sale on the iPhone 4, according to VZBuzz.

The unofficial Verizon blog yesterday posted a screenshot purported to be of a special sales page offering steep discounts on a host of smartphones that the carrier sells. The picture shows the 16GB iPhone 4 retailing for $150.99, representing a 25 percent discount from its current $199.99 price tag. The deals also include a discounted Motorola Droid X retailing for $99.99, and a free HTC Thunderbolt.

VZBuzz didn't say how it found the page, but it's worth noting that the screenshot shows a Verizon site design that doesn't match its current site. At the top of the page in the VZBuzz screenshot, there are four headings: "Explore," "Shop," "My Verizon," and "Support." On Verizon's current site, however, there are several different headings, including "Phones & Devices," "Plans," and "Accessories."

Interestingly, Verizon is already offering a "Droid and Smartphone Sale" on its Web site, but most of the devices on-sale in VZBuzz's report are not discounted today. Only the Motorola Citrus made the cut, and it's currently being offered for free. In the screenshot obtained by VZBuzz, the Citrus is on-sale for $14.99.

If Verizon does, in fact, reduce the price of the iPhone 4, the move would not be unprecedented. Earlier this year, AT&T started selling the iPhone 3GS for $49. All other retailers, including Apple and Target, among others, followed suit.

And Wal-mart had a promotion running through June in which the 16GB iPhone 4 was priced at $147.

However, whether Verizon will actually offer a sale on the iPhone 4 or any other device is unknown at this point, and VZBuzz's report should be taken with a grain of salt until that happens.

Verizon declined to comment on VZBuzz's report.

Update at 8:40 a.m. PT to include Verizon's response to CNET's request for comment.