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Tru3D add-on brings 3D to your Samsung DLP

Owners of the discontinued sets who have the ability to watch content in 3D, but don't have the adapters to pull it off, can now do so with the help of a kit from Tru3D.

The Tru3D Samsung DLP 3D adapter kit.
The Tru3D Samsung DLP 3D adapter kit.

If you own a 3D-capable Samsung DLP TV, and you want to get in on the 3D craze, Tru3D might have a solution for you.

The online retailer, which sells all kinds of 3D-related products, offers a 3D TV Adapter Kit that provides consumers with everything they need to get 3D up and running on their sets. Once the adapter is connected, any 3D content, including cable programming, movies, or video games on the PlayStation 3, can be viewed on the television.

Tru3D points out that its adapter only works with 3D-capable Samsung DLPs released in 2007 and 2008.

A 3D adapter for Samsung DLPs has been a long time coming. After the sets were discontinued in 2008, Samsung focused its efforts on more profitable LCDs. And in the process, DLP owners were left without the functionality they needed to get 3D onto their sets.

A similar scenario played out with Mitsubishi 3D-capable DLPs that were released around the same time. However, at CES earlier this year, Mitsubishi announced that it would start offering 3D adapters for its legacy DLPs, which the company stopped producing in 2009. Like Tru3D's product, Mitsubishi's 3DA-1 adapter, which costs $100, allows DLP owners to view any and all 3D content from their televisions.

Those who are interested in bringing 3D to their Samsung DLPs can buy the adapter kit on Tru3D's site for $279.99. Consumers looking for 3D glasses and other extras can choose from several other bundles that range from $549.99 to $749.99.