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Tributes to Steve Jobs, by the numbers

Don't want to wade through all 10,975 messages Apple has posted so far? Here's the quick-and-dirty summary.

Neil Kodner provides insight into Steve Jobs tributes
Neil Kodner provides insight into Steve Jobs tributes

Curious what people have been saying about Steve Jobs on histribute page, but don't want to scroll through all 10,975 messages Apple has made public?

Worry no more. Instead, check out the following frequency analysis of Jobs tributes, courtesy of Neil Kodner, a CBS data engineer and developer. CBS publishes CNET.

According to Kodner:

  • 2,186 messages, or just under 20 percent of all the notes on the page, mention an Apple product. "Mac" was most common, appearing in 10 percent of all notes, with Apple's iPhone, iPod, and iPad trailing. The fifth most popular gadget? The Apple II.
  • Many well-wishers also mentioned "Newton"--but in reference to Sir Isaac, not Apple's ill-fated PDA.
  • After Newton, people most often likened Jobs to Henry Ford--then Thomas Edison. Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Bill Gates rated honorable mentions, although their names only appeared in a handful of messages.
  • On the adjective front, "great" appeared in 1,961 messages. "Visionary" made its way into 645 messages, while "creative" turned up in 471.
  • The most common three-word phrase by far was "rest in peace," appearing in a full one-sixth of all messages. "Thank you for" and "will be missed" made cameos in 1,446 and 827 messages, respectively.
  • Surprisingly, "changed the world" only made its way into 551 messages--just 5 percent of the total.