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TiVo unveils Premiere Q quad-tuner DVR

The company says users will be able to record up to four programs at the same time with the new set-top box. TiVo is making it available to service providers.

TiVo's new Premiere Q.
TiVo's new Premiere Q.

TiVo has unveiled two new hardware products to bolster its appeal to service providers.

Dubbed the Premiere Q, TiVo's latest DVR is the first from the company that can record up to four programs at the same time. In addition, the device comes with support for streaming content when connected to the Web via Ethernet or home-entertainment networking standard MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance). Up to three HD streams can be accommodated over those connections.

According to TiVo, the Premiere Q will support a full range of services from cable and satellite providers, including video on demand, pay-per-view, and caller ID.

TiVo released the original Premiere last year. That device, which is available to consumers, allows users to record two shows simultaneously. The $100 version allows up 45 hours of HD recording, while the $300 XL version accommodates 150 hours of HD storage.

TiVo also unveiled the Preview today. That streaming device is designed for users who want access to programming and TiVo's user features, including software and its Web content, but won't be recording shows. TiVo said that those with multiple DVRs can also use the Preview to access content stored on a Premiere or Premiere Q DVR elsewhere in the home.

For now, TiVo is only offering its new devices to service providers. Cable operator RCN will be the first to bring the Premiere Q and Preview to its customers. TiVo said it hopes to make its new devices available to other cable operators "later this year."