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Sony offers sign-up page for identity-theft protection

PSN and Qriocity users can now go to Sony's site to sign up for an identity-theft protection service. They need only to input an e-mail address to receive an activation code.

Sony's AllClear ID Plus offer is available now.
Sony's AllClear ID Plus offer is available now. Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET

Sony has made good on its promise to offer PlayStation Network and Qriocity users a free way to keep their identity safe.

Subscribers to those services can go to a new page that Sony has set up and input an e-mail address to start the process of joining AllClear ID Plus from identity-protection company Debix. Within 72 hours, according to the page, the person will receive a free activation code, giving them access to the service for one year at no charge.

Sony first announced plans to offer AllClear ID Plus for free to U.S. customers earlier this month. If the service discovers possible identity theft, Debix enlists the help of fraud investigators to work with users to address the problem. In addition, Sony is giving each customer a $1 million identity-theft insurance policy if any trouble occurs over the next year.

Sony's decision to enlist AllClear ID Plus is another move on the company's part to rebuild its brand after suffering a "highly sophisticated, planned" attack on its PlayStation Network and Qriocity services last month. Sony Online Entertainment was also targeted by hackers. After the dust settled, Sony revealed that the records of over 100 million customers were exposed to the hackers. However, Sony asserted that credit card information was encrypted.

To address the security issues, Sony took its PlayStation Network and Qriocity services offline until mid-May. Since the initial breach, Sony has been working to address the fallout. After relaunching PlayStation Network and Qriocity, the company said it would give subscribers two free games of their choice as part of its "Welcome Back" program. Sony also offered free movie rentals, 30 days of free access to its PlayStation Plus service, and 100 free virtual items in PlayStation Home.

Sony's mea culpa also included Sony CEO Howard Stringer's formal apology to the company's customers for the breach and the subsequent delays at getting the online service back up and running. "As a company we--and I--apologize for the inconvenience and concern caused by this attack," Stringer wrote on his company's PlayStation blog.

Those looking to sign up for AllClear ID Plus can do so now. The service is available to PlayStation Network and Qriocity users who were members as of April 20. Sony will offer the free sign-up through June 28.