Sony offers extended warranties on PS3, PSP

Sony adds one- and two-year extended warranties to its gaming devices, ranging from $29 and $59.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
Sony PlayStation 3 Slim
Sony is offering added protection for your PS3. CNET

Sony has launched a program that lets PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable owners protect their gaming devices after the initial warranty runs out.

The PlayStation Protection Plan, announced Monday, offers U.S.-based owners a one-year or two-year extended warranty for their PS3 or PSP. The plan basically extends the coverage available in the manufacturer's one-year warranty, which covers repairs at no charge done by "PlayStation-trained service technicians." Shipping is included.

Pricing for the PlayStation 3 starts at $44.99 for one year of protection. A two-year PS3 warranty costs $59.99. For the PSP and PSP Go, owners pay $29.99 for one year of protection or $39.99 for two years.

One major caveat: these plans are only offered to new purchasers or owners who are still within their one-year warranty period. In other words, if you bought a PS3 or PSP more than a year ago and you're no longer covered under the manufacturer's warranty, you cannot buy the PlayStation Protection Plan.

Sony also has an alternative plan for PSP owners. Those concerned about the PSP's display can buy a warranty that includes accidental damage to the screen. Those plans are offered at $39.99 and $49.99 for one or two years of protection, respectively. However, Sony has mandated that the accidental damage plan must be acquired within 30 days of the purchase of a new PSP.

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