Ring Alarm security system acts as a hub for other smart home devices

The new Works with Ring program puts smart devices in the Ring app -- if you have the Alarm security system.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor

The Ring Alarm's hub acts as, well, a hub for third-party Z-Wave devices.

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Amazon's smart home security company, Ring, now has a "Works with Ring" program. 

Works with Ring, which Ring shortens to "WWR," is supposed to unite a variety of Z-Wave smart home devices under Ring's own app, hub-style.

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Ring, which Amazon bought back in 2018, sells a variety of home security devices. They range from hardwired smart doorbells to battery-powered doorbells designed to replace your door's peephole. Ring also sells standalone security cameras like the Stick Up Cam Wired, lighting products and other accessories.

Ring says its new program already works with "over 1,000" Z-Wave-enabled products today. A quick browse of the Works with Ring landing page shows integrations with Schlage locks, GE light switches and more. 

The program only works if you have the Ring Alarm security system, which is Z-Wave-enabled and acts as its own hub, with no Wink, SmartThings or other third-party hub required. 

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Works with Ring simply formalizes this capability, similar to Nest's Works with Nest program.  

Note that the Schlage Encode lock is an exception to the Ring Alarm rule, as the company claims this particular smart lock will work with any Ring doorbell or camera without needing the Z-Wave-enabled Alarm security system to act as a hub. 

Ring says it will introduce more certified devices to its program "later this year."

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