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High-end Riedel wine glasses are just $10 for 4 today at Best Buy

Stemless red and white wine glasses on deep discount.


If you deal with wine on the regular -- either professionally or just as a fan of drinking the stuff -- there's a good chance you're familiar with Riedel. The Austrian crystal company is one of the most popular and respected glassware producers in the world and has been for more than six decades. Right now would be a very good time to stock up on quality Riedel glassware while it's on sale (for today only) down to just $10 for a set of four. The discounted inventory includes four-packs of elegant yet casual stemless red wine glasses and stemless white wine glasses. Both types are eligible for Best Buy's free no-contact curbside pickup so you can snatch them up in time for your virtual happy hour tonight. 

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A red wine glass you can dress up or down. These crystal Bravissimo Riedel Cabernet tumblers feature lead-free construction and tapered rims to highlight the notes of your favorite reds.


Finally, a white wine glass you won't knock over. As much, anyway. The Riedel Chardonnay is casual yet elegant for all your many white wines. These glasses also make a perfectly suitable home for cocktails. Aperol spritz, anyone?

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