Report: Multitouch functionality coming to 'gPad'

A story from Israel-based Haaretz says HTC's anticipated tablet will boast multitouch functionality, courtesy of technology from N-trig.

Don Reisinger
Don Reisinger
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A view of how N-trig's laptop-based touch screens work.
A view of how N-trig's laptop-based touch screens work. N-trig

Multitouch functionality will be making its way to the tablet that HTC is developing, a report from Israel-based Haaretz claims.

The tablet, which has been called the "gPad" by some, will feature an N-trig multitouch display, the publication reported. N-trig, which is based in Israel, might not be a household name, but it's quickly becoming a relevant player in the touch-screen space. In fact, HP's TouchSmart tx2 tablet boasts N-trig's multitouch display. It's also rumored to be coming to a potential slate from HP. N-trig's technology allows users to drag and drop, perform the familiar "pinch" feature, and sift through pages with a flicking motion.

Details of the purported gPad are slowly starting to trickle out, but the accuracy of those details remains to be seen.

Last week, a report from Download Squad claimed that such a device would run Google's Chrome OS platform. But it seems highly unlikely that a tablet that's made available by the end of the year would include the software. Google said last week that it wouldn't comment on the rumor.

Haaretz's report could also be called into question, considering Microsoft led an investment round in N-trig back in 2009. The Israel-based firm raised $24 million at the time, but Microsoft's exact investment was undisclosed.

In the end, it's hard to say what the eventual gPad will feature. Will it have Chrome OS or Android OS? Will it run on Verizon's network, as rumored? Will it be branded HTC or Google? Will it run N-trig's technology? Will it indeed be called the gPad?

An HTC spokesperson said the company doesn't comment on "rumor and speculation." N-trig did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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