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CNET asks: Google Home or Amazon Echo?

CNET's latest Prizefight, Google Home vs. Amazon Echo, ended in a draw and we want you to be the tie breaker.

The Home followed in the Echo's footsteps.
Chris Monroe/CNET

Are you ready to rummmbbbbbleeee? We just published our latest Prizefight: Google Home vs. Amazon Echo -- 6 months later, where Brian Tong gives a rundown on the matchup between two superpopular smart speakers, the Google Home and Amazon Echo. These two opponents are pitted against one another as to which has the better design and makes the better personal assistant, smart home controller and entertainer. Check out the video below.

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I don't know about you, but I like that when it comes to a competitive match, whether it's boxing, football or any sort of showdown, you have a winner or loser, not some undetermined draw, which was the unfortunate result of this CNET Prizefight. Ties are not only disappointing, but unsettling. So how do we fix this? The solution, put in the hands of the people, you our readers, of course. I would like for you to weigh in on this poll below and hear directly from your lips who you think should be the crowned the winner. Ding, let's get it on!