PicoBrew's Z Series appliance is for serious brewers only

PicoBrew is back with a scalable beer brewing appliance for homes and businesses.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor

PicoBrew's modular Z Series appliance lets you design the brewing setup that best meets your needs. 


PicoBrew, maker of home brewing appliances, on Tuesday introduced a new "professional-grade" model called the Z Series. Inspired by its existing all-grain Zymatic brewer, PicoBrew's Z Series has a modular, stackable design and upgraded materials for use in businesses. The Z Series is available for preorder now and will ship in June. 

The Z Series includes four different models, starting at $2,500 (preorder price: $1,499) for the 2.5-gallon Z1 and going up to $8,500 (preorder price: $3,999) for the 10-gallon Z4. PicoBrew's preorder price discounts are available until March 15. It ships outside of the US -- the starting preorder price of $1,499 converts to about £1,080 or AU$1,900.

PicoBrew is targeting restaurants, craft breweries and other businesses with its modular, scalable Z Series. It's also betting serious homebrewers will buy into the Z Series. Its ability to maker larger batches of beer and kombucha gives it an edge over PicoBrew's smaller brewing appliances.

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