Nothing says 'I love you' like a $20,000 iPad

If you're in the mood to blow some serious cash on a tech product, you can place an for a $20,000 Diamond iPad starting in June. Awesome!

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
The $20,000 iPad is not exactly my cup of tea. Mervis Diamond Importers

The iPad might be an expensive device, but Mervis Diamond Importers has done its part to ensure Apple's pricing will always look cheap. The company announced on its site recently that it will offer a Diamond iPad for $19,999.

According to the site, the Diamond iPad boasts 11.43 carats worth of diamonds displayed in a "micro-pave styling." Mervis states that the diamonds are graded highly in color and clarity.

That's great and all, but I find the device a bit ugly with all those diamonds.

Unfortunately, Mervis didn't say which version of the iPad it will be selling. It also failed to mention its storage capacity. Regardless, it is one expensive version of the iPad. And it seems rather unlikely that someone will actually plunk $20,000 down for a device that can be had for $500.

But perhaps that price isn't as bad as we might think. In fact, it might be a pretty good value. A little over three years ago, another company offered a diamond and gold iPod Shuffle. It retailed for $20,000, too.

See that? Everything is relative.

If you plan to pick up the $20,000 Diamond iPad, you can start placing orders on the Mervis site in June. But if you do, just beware that some of us will question your modesty.

(Via Mashable)