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Nokia delays E7 to 'early' 2011

The E7 smartphone, which is expected to be the company's next "flagship" model, has been delayed. The device was previously planned for a release this month.

The Nokia E7.
The Nokia E7 Nokia

If you were hoping to get your hands on the Nokia E7 this month, you'll need to wait a while longer.

Nokia has delayed the E7 to early 2011. The device was previously expected to be released this month. A Nokia representative told CNET today that the company's decision to delay the smartphone was based in a desire "to ensure the best possible user experience on the Nokia E7."

Nokia did not disclose to CNET when it will specifically release the E7 or what the actual holdup entails.

Reuters first reported the story.

The Nokia E7 was unveiled a few months ago. The device, which is designed for business users, boasts a 4-inch display, slide-out keyboard, and Exchange ActiveSync support. The smartphone will run Symbian 3 and ship with an 8-megapixel camera that includes dual LED flash and HD video capture. Nokia plans to offer several color options, including gray, green, white, blue, and orange. The device will retail for 495 euros ($666).