New LiftMaster smart garage door opener adds camera, brighter LEDs

Lights! Camera! LiftMaster!

Molly Price Former Editor
2 min read

The Secure View 87504 includes a built-in camera.


We've seen a handful of smart garage gadgets come through the CNET Smart Home, and MyQ models are among our top recommendations. LiftMaster and Chamberlain both use the MyQ platform, and LiftMaster's newest opener takes advantage of that with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a built-in camera. 

The Secure View 87504 (yes, openers have colloquially painful model names) is the latest in LiftMaster's lineup of connected garage door openers. Like previous models, you can control it from the MyQ app, connect it to voice assistants and get notifications when the door is left open. But there are new features, too. 

The Secure View 87504 has a brand-new lighting design, intended to provide "corner to corner" coverage from its 360-degree LED light ring. You'll get 2,000 lumens of illumination (roughly equivalent to a 125-watt incandescent bulb) and the joy of never climbing a ladder to change the light bulb. This model will wire in on a typical installation, but battery backup is onboard in the event that your home loses power. 


The Secure View 87504 shines light on every corner of your garage, which may not be as clean as this one.


The folks at LiftMaster note that this model includes improved Wi-Fi connectivity and enhanced memory. Bluetooth is built-in for quick setup -- LiftMaster boasts four minutes or less. The real eye-catching feature of the Secure View 87504 is the built-in camera. 

This isn't the first built-in camera we've seen from LiftMaster. The 85503 model we previewed back at CES 2020 also has a camera option. Adding a camera to your garage door opener makes sense. It's already in a prominent place in your garage with a 140-degree bird's eye view of what's going on. 

In the MyQ app, you'll be able to stream the camera in real time and hear and respond with two-way audio. You can choose to view past activity with either a seven- or 30-day video storage option, available via a monthly subscription. That's a bit disappointing given the free storage of some much more affordable indoor/outdoor cameras, such as the Wyze Cam V3. But I suppose the advantage here is that the camera is built into your opener. 


MyQ can let you know if your door rails or photo eyes need maintenance or adjusting. 


In addition to the camera, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options, this model also includes remote diagnostic capabilities. That means you can keep track of the system for potential problems like a door off the rail or misaligned photo eye sensors at the bottom of your door frame. 

Like other MyQ models, the Secure View 87504 works with Amazon Key for in-garage delivery and works with select vehicles (read: My Mitsubishi Connect) for native in-dash garage door control. If your car uses Homelink, this model is compatible with versions 4.0 and higher. An adapter may be necessary for some vehicles, depending on age and model.

The Secure View 87504 is available now from licensed dealers for $468, not including optional professional installation.