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Nest commits to 5 years of security updates

Google updates its smart home security and privacy policies.

Nest products are getting tighter security policies.

Google has updated the privacy and security commitments for Nest smart home devices, outlining the new policies Tuesday. Included is a guarantee to issue critical bug fixes on Nest devices for at least five years after a device's launch.

"We work hard to respond to the ever-changing technology and security landscape by building many lines of defense, including providing automatic software security updates that address critical issues known to Google Nest," Google said Tuesday.

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Nest devices sold in 2019 and after will also be validated using an independent security standard like that set by the Internet of Secure Things Alliance, with Google to publish the results publicly; Nest will take part in Google's bug bounty program; verified boot will be used across all devices from 2019 onward to make sure your device is running the right software each time it restarts; and Google will put all your Nest devices onto your Google Account device activity page for better oversight.

Many of the standards have applied to Google services previously, and are now being extended to Nest smart home devices and systems.