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'I'm a Mac/I'm a PC' ads coming to an end?

Apple's long-running ad campaign may have finally seen its last days, comedic actor Justin Long says.

Get A Mac
A clip from one of Apple's latest "Get A Mac" ads. Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET

Apple's "I'm a Mac/I'm a PC" ads have been widely regarded as one of the company's most effective campaigns. But they may be over and done with, if Justin Long, the "Mac" in those ads, is right.

Speaking to The Onion's non-satirical A.V. Club site in a interview published Wednesday, Long said that he heard from his co-star in those ads, John Hodgman, that Apple plans to "move on" and try something else.

"You know, I think they might be done," Long said in response to a question from A.V. Club asking him about the future of his Apple spots. "In fact, I heard from John, I think they're going to move on. I can't say definitively, which is sad, because not only am I going to miss doing them, but also working with John."

Long didn't say why Apple may have decided to make that decision, nor did he provide any guarantee that the ads would, in fact, be discontinued.

Apple did not immediately respond to request for comment on whether it plans to discontinue the ads.

If Apple decides to do away with what is officially dubbed the "Get A Mac" campaign, it's an end of era for the company. The 60-plus ads, which started in mid-2006, used humor to highlight the problems that Apple saw in Windows PCs. But for a while now, Apple has been up against Microsoft's "I'm A PC" ads, which must be doing well, considering they've lasted much longer than the ill-fated Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld spots.

(Via Gizmodo)