iDevices adds IFTTT compatibility to smart home products

If you own iDevices plugs or switches, they'll now integrate with the automation platform IFTTT.

Molly Price Former Editor

iDevices' smart plugs, wall switches and outlets are now compatible with IFTTT, the company announced Tuesday. Now, if you own an iDevices product, you'll be able to integrate it with other smart home gadgets through IFTTT.


The iDevices Instant Switch and iDevices Switch smart plug now work with IFTTT.

Chris Monroe/CNET

We've reviewed a handful of iDevices products including the Outdoor Switch, Wall Outlet and Instant Switch. We've praised those products for their integration with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. IFTTT compatibility broadens their capabilities even more. 

To set up IFTTT for your iDevices gadgets, first enable the IFTTT service in the iDevices Connected app, then use the IFTTT app to create custom automated recipes. You can create rules that do things like turn the lights on when you arrive home or dim them at a set time each day. 

Automations also help you bridge gaps between your plugs and other smart devices, including your thermostat. Set a fan on the iDevices Switch to turn on when the temperature reaches a certain high or set a space heater connected to an iDevices plug to turn on when the room gets too chilly. 

IFTTT compatibility is live now and available for iOS and Android users via their respective app stores. For more ideas and to create your own iDevices IFTTT recipes, visit the iDevices profile on IFTTT's website. 

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