How to use the Google Home as your personal exercise coach

No time? No sweat! Let Google's Home speaker guide you through a quick workout.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
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Google's Home speaker is a smart, multitasking personal assistant that responds to the wake phrases, "OK, Google" or "Hey, Google." Not only can this clever device control lights, locks and other connected products, it can also coach you through workout routines. Here's how to start using the Google Home as a personal fitness coach today.

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1. Buy a Google Home speaker

First things first: you need a Google Home speaker. Unlike Amazon, Google currently only sells one model -- the $130 Google Home (£130/AU$175). This plug-in speaker connects over Wi-Fi so you can ask it questions -- and give it commands -- throughout the day. 

2. Download the Google Home app

Once you have your Google Home speaker, you need to download the Google Home app (available for Android and iPhone). Login with your existing Google account or follow the instructions to create one in the app. 

3. Set up the speaker

Connect your Google Home to power using the included adapter and follow the in-app instructions to access your local Wi-Fi network.

Still have questions? Check out Google's support page for more details on configuration.

Here's everything the Google Home can do

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4. Start your workout

Google houses miscellaneous integrations in the "Assistant apps" section of the Google Home app. That's where you'll find Google's small list of fitness partnerships. 5-Minute Plank and Fitstar are the two main options. Just say "OK, Google -- talk to 5-Minute Plank," or "Hey, Google, I want to talk to Fitstar" to start working out with Google Home. Unlike Amazon's Alexa skills, there's no need to "enable" these skills before using them. 

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