How to simultaneously stream music across all your Amazon Echo devices

For those days when you just want to have an indoor dance party, Alexa can assist.

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Stream music across all your Amazon Echo speakers at once.

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While you're stuck inside the house, there's no better way to pass the time than throw your own dance party using your Amazon Echo speakers. Or maybe you just want to listen to music at the same volume as you walk from room to room. If you've got multiple Echo devices set up around your house, you'll be simultaneously streaming music on all your speakers in no time.

The setup is easy and only takes a few minutes. Make sure you've got all of the devices set up on the same Wi-Fi network before you get started. Then open the Alexa app on your phone and select Devices at the bottom of the screen. Next, tap the Plus icon in the top right corner and choose Set Up Multi-Room Music.

You'll see a list of all your Echo devices connected to your Amazon account. Select all the speakers you want to stream music on at the same time, then tap Next. Now you'll need to name your music group -- you can choose from one of the common names that Amazon has created, like Kitchen or Family Room, or you can customize a new name. For example, you could call your speaker group House Party or Friday Night Dance Time, or even Whole House. You can always change the name later. Tap Save.

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When you're ready to start listening to music, just say "Alexa, play [favorite playlist] on [group name]." You can create multiple speaker groups, and you can even connect your Sonos, Bose and JBL speakers if you have an Echo Input.

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