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How to set up the Inteset 4-in-1 Universal Remote

The number of devices around your TV is likely growing. Here's how you can get it under control with one option, the Inteset 4-in-1 Universal Remote.

Taylor Martin/CNET

If your entertainment system is becoming crowded with multiple devices, like a television, sound bar, gaming console and streamer box, your remote situation is likely growing out of control.

The age-old solution of adding a universal remote to the mix might be your best bet. The Inteset 4-in-1 Universal Remote is an affordable remote that works with over 100,000 devices, comes with support for some of the most popular streamer set-top boxes and can be custom-programmed.

It's an affordable remote and a breeze to set up. Here's how it's done.

Apple TV

You might be inclined to set up the Inteset remote with your television first, but if you've got an Apple TV, you might want to start with that. Out of the box, the Inteset 4-in-1 Universal Remote is programmed to control the Apple TV on the A device channel.

If for any reason the preprogrammed key mapping is not working, you can manually add the Inteset remote to your Apple TV by going to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Learn Remote. Select Start to begin. The onscreen instructions will walk you through the mapping process.

You're free to map the remote how you want, but if you need a guide, you can find the default mapping by going to remotecontrol.inteset.com and hovering your cursor over the Apple TV picture.

Alternatively, you can add the Apple TV programming to the Inteset remote by pressing and holding the SET button until the LED indicator flashes twice, then press 02615. This will automatically add the default Apple TV key mapping to your Inteset remote.


Taylor Martin/CNET

To pair the Inteset remote with your television, you will first need the setup codes, which differ by make and model of television. Fortunately, Inteset has a large database of setup codes, and you can search for your TV brand here. There will likely be multiple codes for your television's manufacturer. You will have to use trial and error to determine which is the correct code.

Once you've located the codes, power the television off, then manually turn it back on (without a remote). Next, choose which one of the four channels you want to use -- A, B, C or D -- and press the corresponding button near the top of the remote. Press and hold the SET button until the LED indicator at the top of the remote flashes twice, then enter one of the five-digit codes. The LED indicator will flash twice once more.

To test if the code worked, press the Power button. If the television doesn't power off, hold the SET button once more and try the next five-digit code. Repeat until you find the correct code.

Manually add a remote

If you cannot find the setup codes for your television or none of the codes work, you will need to manually program the remote using your existing remote. which must be an IR remote.

To put the Inteset remote into its learning mode:

  • Press one of the device channel buttons (A, B, C or D) and hold the SET button until the LED flashes twice.
  • Enter 975. The LED will blink twice.
  • While pointing the two remotes at one another, only a few inches apart, press the button that you want to learn on the Inteset remote. The LED indicator will be solidly lit for several seconds.
  • On the original remote, press the corresponding button quickly.
  • Next, on the Inteset remote, press the next button you want it to learn, followed by the corresponding button on the original remote. Repeat this process until the Inteset has learned all the compatible functions of the original remote.

You can program up to 75 buttons, but the capacity varies based on the IR codes from the original remote.

Other devices

If you want to use the Inteset remote to control any other supported device, you just need to use the Device Setup Code Lookup tool on Inteset's website to locate the setup codes. After you have all the codes you need, it's a simple as selecting a device channel on the remote, holding the SET button until the LED flashes twice and entering a code.

Here are the five-digit codes for some of the more popular gaming consoles and set top boxes:

  • Android TV: 03666
  • Apple TV: 02615
  • Roku: 03061
  • Xbox One: 04000
  • Xbox 360: 02049
  • Nvidia Shield: 03918

Factory resetting the remote

Taylor Martin/CNET

You can add and control up to four total devices with the Inteset remote. If you need to replace a device with a new one, simply program the new device over the old one.

However, if you need to factory-reset the remote, press and hold the SET button until the LED flashes twice, then enter 977. The LED will flash twice again, indicating that the remote has been restored to default settings and all programming has been removed.