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HomePod Mini is now $75 at Sam's Club (save $25)

Need little Apple orbs in your house? One of the deepest discounts we've ever seen is here.

Chris Monroe/CNET

You don't often see deep discounts on Apple products, but the HomePod has always held a somewhat unusual position in the smart speaker market. It's one of very few places where Apple's distinction as a creator of premium products has not shattered sales expectations, especially against Amazon's Echo speakers. If you've been looking for a more reasonable price tag before snagging the HomePod Mini, today is your lucky day. Score one of these little speakers for $75 over at Sam's Club, and enjoy great music in your home soon. Note you'll need to be a member; membership starts at $45 per year.

Whether you want your HomePod Mini in white or black, there's a discount waiting for you. These little speakers fill a room with sound despite their size, and while they lack some of the features associated with the larger HomePod speakers it's a big deal to be able to use Siri even when your phone is not nearby.

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