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You can get a sous vide for $100 and $2 Philips LED light bulbs right now

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Get cooking

Some of the best deals out there require a bit of digging, and considering how you pay. Let's take an example: Best Buy has the Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker listed at $149.99. But with some research, we can get that to just over $100. Firstly, Best Buy is running a special offer where you can get 20 percent off a wide range of small appliances using the coupon code SAVEONSMALLS, so if we apply that, the price drops to $127.49.

The coupon Best Buy is currently offering.

Best Buy

Next, we use another special offer: save $25 when you use Visa Checkout to pay for the first time. Strangely enough, you don't have to use a Visa card with this: it will work with any major credit card, as long as you haven't signed up with Visa Checkout before. Using this to pay with the code SAVEONSMALLS code and I was able to bring the price down to $100.93: about a third off with a couple of extra steps.

Need more storage space?

Some deals require you to leave the house, but this one is worth it. Target is having a big sale on Sterilite containers, including this set of six different sized clip boxes for $9.99.

I've used a few of these boxes and they are great: the clips hold the lid firmly in place to keep the contents protected. They aren't air or water tight, but they are great for storing stuff that you want to keep away from dust, moisture or pets.

Let there be light

LED light bulbs are continuing to be a hot item: Home Depot has a pack of four Philips 60W equivalent LED bulbs for $7.97. That's just under $2 each, which is a good deal for a name-brand model.

There are cheaper ones out there, though: Remember that these bulbs aren't dimmable and can only be controlled the old-fashioned way (by turning a switch on and off), but that's a sweet deal if you are looking to replace incandescent bulbs in a location where you don't care about fancy features. If you want dimmable and controllable bulbs, our top pick at the moment is the Cree Connected 60W replacement bulb, and the best deal out there on this is $49 from Amazon. So, it still seems that there is a big premium to pay for being able to control the light remotely.

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