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Google Home to sell for $129, launches on November 4

After announcing its smart speaker in May, Google gave more details Tuesday about the device's cost and availability.


Okay Google, how much does the Google Home smart speaker cost?

Answer: $129.

Available for preorder on Tuesday and shipping on November 4, Google Home is an internet-connected speaker with a built-in virtual assistant. It can query the internet and make online purchases for you, in addition to talking with other smarthome devices like the Nest connected thermostat.

Google announced the smart speaker and the virtual assistant that dwells inside in May at its annual developer event, I/O, but kept the key details under wraps until today.

Google Home represents a direct competitor to Amazon's Alexa, which also serves as a voice-activated conduit to the internet. Amazon has been steadily getting Alexa into homes via its Echo speaker, and just announced a cheaper $50 Echo Dot. They're just the latest companies to pour resources in digital assistants, which also include Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana.

These companies see digital assistants and the bulking up of artificial intelligence as an opportunity to eventually build a stronger relationship with its customers and users. In Google's case, increasing interaction with Assistant ultimately means an improved ability to serve relevant ads or recommendations for products.