How to track flight deals with Google Home

With Google Home, you can now look up and track flights and ticket prices to your favorite destinations using your voice.

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Google is no stranger to helping users find great prices on flights and trips. Google Flights is a dedicated tool that helps people find flights to destinations within their price range based on dates, places or interests.

With an update last week, Google ported some of its travel planning prowess over to Assistant and Google Home . You can now get flight prices and enable email notifications for price drops using just your voice. Here's how.

How to search for flights with Google Home

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To get a quick price estimate for a flight, say something like:

  • "OK, Google, how much is a round-trip flight to New York?"
  • "OK, Google, how much is a one-way ticket to Hawaii?"
  • "OK, Google, how much are flights to Paris in two months?"
  • "OK, Google, cheap flights to Texas."
  • "OK, Google, find me flights to Toronto."
  • "OK, Google, find me flights with Jet Blue."
  • "OK, Google, what is the next flight to Orlando?"
  • "OK, Google, what is the schedule of flights to London?"

Google Home will then use your home address as set in the Google Home app to determine the nearest airport and give you a price estimate for a round-trip flight to the location you asked about.

The initial ticket price is for two weeks from the time you asked, but Google will also ask what dates you have in mind for your trip. When you give it a departure and return date, Google Home will give you a more accurate estimate and ask you if you want it to track flights for those dates. If you agree to tracking the flights, Google will automatically send you email updates if or when ticket prices drop.

Shortly after you tell it to enable tracking, you will receive an email which will allow you to fine-tune the tracking, such as altering the dates, destination or number of passengers.

If you've got an Android phone with Assistant, you can look up flight prices and dates using your voice by long pressing the home button, as well.

Check on upcoming flights and destinations

Sadly, you can't book flights using your voice -- you'll have to use a computer or phone to finish the task. But once you've got your trip booked, you can use Google Home to ask about your flight or what places you should see when you get to your destination.

Say things like:

  • "OK, Google, is my flight on time?"
  • "OK, Google, when is my upcoming flight?"
  • "OK, Google, what time is my flight?"
  • "OK, Google, my flight to [destination]."
  • "OK, Google, my flights in [month]."
  • "OK, Google, what is there to see in Paris?"
  • "OK, Google, what's the best restaurant in Berlin?"