Google Nest Hub chimes in so it's less annoying when you turn off the lights

When you turn off lights with a voice command, Google Assistant will start responding with a chime.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
Chris Monroe/CNET

In an attempt to make smart displays less disruptive, Google is trimming back on some verbal responses. Specifically, if you tell a device like the Google Nest Hub (formerly the Google Home Hub ) to turn off your lights, the device will chime instead of saying something like, "Turning off two lights."

The change makes sense, especially if the chime is quieter. The idea is that if you give a voice command to turn off the lights as you're about to go to sleep, a loud vocal response could be overbearing. This update is rolling out to Google's smart displays -- including the upcoming Google Nest Hub Max -- and smart speakers like the Google Home Mini . It will only trigger if you're talking about lights in the same room as the device, so both your Nest Hub and your smart bulbs need to be labeled "bedroom."

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Google announced the change Tuesday in a blog post. It'll work on smart light bulbs and smart plugs and switches labeled as lights. Keeping it to lights in the same room makes the most sense, as you can visually confirm the command worked, but I'd hope this option will roll out more broadly to other device types too, perhaps as something you can enable for all devices at certain hours. 

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