Game Boy enters Toy Hall of Fame with Big Wheel

The Game Boy might be one of the most popular gaming platforms ever released, but it's added another honor to its resume: a Toy Hall-of-Famer.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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Nintendo's Game Boy has been honored once again. This time, the handheld that changed the gaming industry is being inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame, the Strong National Toy Museum announced on Thursday.

Game Boy
Congratulations, Game Boy! Nintendo

The Game Boy beat out several finalists, including Cabbage Patch Kids, playing cards, Rubik's Cube, and sidewalk chalk. It must have been a tough battle to beat sidewalk chalk. But beat it, the Game Boy did.

The Strong National Toy Museum, located in Rochester, N.Y., said it felt compelled to induct the Game Boy into the Hall of Fame because "of its role as a major industry innovator." But it didn't stop there. The organization said the platform "did more to put gamers on the go than this invention.

"Over the past two decades, Game Boy has become synonymous with handheld gaming fun," the organization said in a statement. "Its portability and efficient design, ability to allow simultaneous multiplayer gaming, and scores of intriguing games make it a true innovator."

But Game Boy wasn't alone in receiving the honor. Motorized toy Big Wheel also joined the list. But it was the third honoree the organization threw in that some might get a kick out of: the ball (see what I did there?). Yes, the ball also made the list because, as the organization pointed out, "roll it, throw it, kick it, catch it, bounce it, or bat at it, the ball is as old as civilization itself."

The Game Boy joins the Atari 2600 as the only other gaming platform to enter the National Toy Hall of Fame.

Congratulations, Game Boy. You deserve it. You too, ball.