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Ember's temperature controllable coffee mug now comes in black

Available only in white since its launch last year, the Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug gets a new color option.

Ember's high-tech mug in matte black.

Ember's Temperature Control Ceramic Mug ($80), which has built-in superheating powers, became a minor hit last year, selling 110,000 units in the six weeks after its debut, the company said. For fans of the mug, I have some good news: You can now get it in matte black.

Made of stainless steel with a reinforced ceramic coating, the mug comes with a saucer charging dock and has a built-in rechargeable battery as well a Bluetooth connectivity.

With the Ember app for iOS and Android you create a personal default temperature you want the contents of the mug to maintain. You can set that temperature once and never look at the app again, or you can adjust the temperature via the app as you're drinking.

The app remembers your preferred drinking temperature (you can choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius) and has several preset options for such drinks as tea, coffee and hot chocolate. The app also notifies you when your desired drinking temperature has been reached.

The black Ember Ceramic Mug is exclusive to MoMA Design Stores and online at for a limited time. We assume you'll be able to find it in other places later this year.