If your blender is crazy-loud, use a towel to dampen the sound

Stop waking your neighbors. Use a towel to make your blender quieter.

Taylor Martin CNET Contributor
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Taylor Martin
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Blenders are loud. Some are louder than others, but that's what happens when a spinning blade hits speeds high enough to pulverize solids into liquid. It's kind of an issue when the rest of the family is trying to sleep in.

Fortunately, there is at least one thing you can do to dampen the sound.

Tip 1: Move the blender away from the wall.

This tip, originally found at The Kitchn, works because it stops sound from bouncing off the walls and objects around the blender. Moving it just two inches away from the wall will reduce the noise, says The Kitchn's Sheela Prakash. Not by a lot, but noticeably. Move it further from the wall if space or the power cord allows.

Taylor Martin/CNET

Tip 2: Place the blender on top of a towel.

Hollow surfaces like kitchen carts, islands, and thin countertops tend to act like sound cabinet when the blender is on and vibrating, send bassy sounds throughout the house.

To reduce this vibration, place the blender on a folded towel to absorb the sound. Prakash recommends using a dish towel, but as long as it doesn't block the vents or cause the blender to wobble while it's running, a thicker towel will work better.

A silicone trivet or foam mat also does the trick and may work better as a more permanent solution, as these are less likely to block the vents near the bottom of some blenders.

The blender itself is still going to be loud.If want to reduce a bit more, the Whisper Blend Sound Enclosure is a pricey $199 (roughly £150 or AU$260), but at least your family will sleep a bit longer.