Control GE, Bosch Wi-Fi ovens with this cooking app

A tech company called Innit released an iOS app today that can send cooking directions directly to connected appliances.

Ashlee Clark Thompson Associate Editor
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Ashlee Clark Thompson
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An iOS app released today will let you browse recipes and send the cooking information to connected ovens . The Innit app will let you browse meal recommendations based on dietary preferences, watch how-to videos as you cook, and send instructions like oven temperature to Wi-Fi-enabled ovens from Bosch and GE Appliances . The Android app will be available in early 2018.

A cooking app with step-by-step instructions isn't new, and we're seeing more apps that work directly with specific smart appliances, such as the Hestan Cue or the Tasty One Top. What makes the Innit app unique is that it will work with more than one appliance brand. This could make it easier for Innit, the company that created the app, to make their platform more widely adopted; if you like Innit's app, you wouldn't have to be exclusive to one specific company to use it. Innit officials said the company has also partnered with Philips Kitchen Appliances, smart-scale maker Perfect Company and the Chef'd online meal store, and they'll release details of those collaborations in early 2018.

"Together with our incredible team and dedicated partners, we are looking forward to continuing to build our global connected food platform spanning appliance manufacturers, grocery and e-commerce retailers, food brands, publishers and others," said Josh Sigel, Innit's chief operating officer, in a statement.

Innit is a startup founded in 2013 that set out to design a platform that would enable large kitchen appliances to talk to one another and help you prepare a meal. The company originally sought to pair its software with existing technology inside smart appliances to determine what food you had, provide you nutritional info and keep you posted about when the food will go bad, suggest recipes, and tell you how to cook a meal. In 2016, Whirlpool announced it would include Innit's software in its luxury wall ovens, but the two companies parted ways in 2017 before we saw the fruits of that partnership.