ClamCase turns the iPad into a laptop

Those seeking more productivity with the iPad may find a solution in ClamCase, a Bluetooth-capable device that adds a physical keyboard and stand to turn the tablet into a laptop.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
An iPad resting in a ClamCase. ClamCase

If you're an iPad owner who's looking for a more traditional way to use the tablet, a new company called ClamCase may have the solution.

The company's self-titled ClamCase device works as an iPad case, stand, and keyboard add-on. iPad owners need only to place the tablet into the case to get started. From there, they can opt to keep it flat on the table or prop it up in landscape view. Upon doing so, they can connect the keyboard to the iPad via Bluetooth to give them the functionality (and productivity) of a laptop.

It should be noted that ClamCase, unlike most laptops, won't feature a trackpad to help people move around the iPad screen. That means owners will still need to tap the display to get to where they want to go. The real value of ClamCase, then, is to improve the typing experience on the iPad and protect the tablet.

ClamCase plans to launch its three-in-one device in the fall. It didn't provide pricing.

(Via Engadget)