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Catching up with the CNET Smart Home

We've done a lot to the house since we launched it last September. Here's everything we've installed so far to make our living lab a kingdom of automation.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

The CNET Smart Home is getting smarter every day. On September 16, 2015, we officially launched our living lab for all things connected, but on that day, it was just an empty house. It was big and beautiful from the start, but there was nothing about it that was smart.

That's certainly not true anymore. We've installed 33 different devices over the course of 14 projects, all with the goal of introducing connected tech to the CNET Smart Home one step at a time. Below you'll find each project we've undertaken, and the products we've chosen along the way to help the CNET Smart Home live up to its name.

We have more to do, and we will likely revisit some of the above as new products come out. Right now, we can command almost every electronic in our home with our voices, or even from the wall switches by the door. We've found that the desire to make it all work seamlessly can be a lofty one, but that's part of why we're doing this.

We're also using the CNET Smart Home for lots of reviews, installing and uninstalling smart devices frequently to use the place as a lab. This list doesn't include those devices, since they come and go quickly and aren't meant to be permanent fixtures. You can keep up with everything we're doing in the CNET Smart Home here.