AT&T's Yellow Pages to launch Groupon rival

Carrier is following behind Google and Facebook as they jump aboard the daily-deals bandwagon. AT&T's YP Deals will kick off in Atlanta, Dallas, and LA.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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AT&T is becoming the latest company to take aim at Groupon.

The company's Yellow Pages service has created YP Deals. Like with Groupon, subscribers will receive a local deal delivered to their e-mail in-box each day. The YP Deals page states that it will launch "soon" in Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Los Angeles.

YP Deals is the latest in a growing number of e-mail-based deals services, led by Groupon and Amazon.com-backed LivingSocial.

Groupon is facing another competitor.
Groupon is facing yet another competitor.

Google reportedly attempted to acquire Groupon last year for $6 billion, but the deals company rejected the offer. In response, the search giant launched its own competitor last month, dubbed Google Offers. Google is testing the service in Portland, Ore., San Francisco, and New York City, among other locations.

Google isn't the only major online force trying its luck in that space. In March, it was revealed that Facebook is breaking into the local discount market. The company said at the time that it would test the service in San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, and Austin, Texas.

The desire to break into the daily-deals market is understandable. Bia/Kelsey, a local-media adviser, said in March that the "deal-a-day" market saw U.S. revenue hit $873 million last year. It forecasts that the market will grow to over $1.2 billion this year and reach nearly $4 billion in 2015.

To entice people to sign up for its service, AT&T is offering a $10 credit to put toward their first deal. The credit will be available to subscribers through May 22.

Looking ahead, YP Deals will likely be rolled out in more markets. A company FAQ said that it's "dashing to deliver more deals to more cities."

AT&T did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.