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Apple HomePod Mini reportedly has a secret sensor for temperature, humidity

The Siri-enabled smart speaker could have some new features up its sleeve.

The Apple HomePod Mini may be getting new features.
Chris Monroe/CNET

Apple slipped a small sensor into the HomePod Mini that can measure the temperature and humidity in a room, according to a report Monday from Bloomberg. The component, which doesn't appear to have been previously disclosed, could help bolster Apple's smart-home ambitions. 

The HomePod Mini was launched in November, costing $99 in comparison with the $300 HomePod original. The Siri-powered smart speaker came with new features, including an intercom and stereo pairing. Earlier this month, Apple said it was discontinuing the original HomePod and focusing its efforts on the Mini.

Apple has internally discussed having the sensor send temperature and humidity readings to internet-connected thermostats, so adjustments can be made based on current conditions, according to Bloomberg. It could also reportedly let the HomePod Mini trigger actions, like turning on a fan, based on the temperature in a room. 

The temperature sensor is made by Texas Instruments, according to Bloomberg, and located along the bottom edge of the HomePod Mini near its power cable. 

Apple didn't respond to a request for comment. 

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