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Original Amazon Echo gets $50 price cut for the day

With the pending arrival of the Echo Show, Amazon has the original Echo on sale for $130.

David Carnoy Executive Editor / Reviews
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David Carnoy

Amazon will be officially releasing the Echo Show, its new smart speaker with a built-in display, on June 28. Coincidence or not, just ahead of that ship date Amazon is running a one-day sale on its original Echo speaker, dropping its price from $180 to $130. 

The online behemoth has been discounting the original Echo sporadically and it wouldn't surprise us to see it -- and Amazon's other Alexa-enabled smart speakers -- on sale on Prime Day, the company's one-day sale for Prime members. If you ask Alexa what day Prime Day is, she says "mid-July," but rumor has it Prime Day will start on July 10 and actually span several days.